This site is dedicated to the former staff and

alumni of the Kallman Home for Children.. 

which was located In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn    


Kallman Home for Children Postcard

(Founded 1898 – This property built in 1930)

8515 Ridge Boulevard
Brooklyn, New York 11209

Telephone: Shore Road 8-5660 (No longer in service)

Mom and unknow lady at clothesline

This website is also dedicated to my mother, Mrs. Dahl (Bea), who was the home’s laundry supervisor from 1948-1958.  My brother John and I (Arnold Dahl) lived at the home during the same time period – but not always with her.  Mom passed away in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 6th, 2007 – four days after her 99th birthday.  Mom lived a very fulfilled, happy and healthy life. She got her driver’s license at 60 years of age and loved “her cars and the independence that driving gave her”.  Her sense of humor is greatly missed.  (That’s mom on the left in the photo, please click to enlarge; does anyone recall the name of the other lady? ).  


What’s New (as of April 2013):

What’s New (as of July 2009):

  • More photos of earlier bands and members
  • Other band related documents such as concert lists and personal letters
  • Additional home history documents
  • More personal memories
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