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In 1965, the Kallman Home facility was purchased by Adelphi Academy –  a private college preparatory day school.

Editor’s comment:

 “They ruined our playground…, and where is the iron fence on the driveway? 

Is someone living in the garage now?  Looks like it.”

The Garage

        Adelphi Academy               Kallman Home for Children

Adelphi Academy


The Home Today — 7 Comments

  1. Does anyone know if there are records of who lived at the home in the early 1930’s? I am looking for a home where relatives, Irving and Clifford Olsen, lived after their father passed away in 1930. They supposedly lived in a home for a few years until their older sister could take care of them.

    • Hello Ginny. Sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately, there are no records of those who lived in the home in the past. The website contains all currently available written and photographic materials. Thanks for your interest in Kallman Home.

      • Hello!
        Would it be possible to send your photo? My neighbor was a resident there at that time and he has been telling me stories about Kallman. He is 98 and I would love for him to see if he is in the picture.
        Thank you,
        Linda Anderson

  2. Hi: I am interested in the period of the home from around 1915 – 1925. Do you know if records exist for that period of time. Are there pictures of the original Kallman Home? Thanks, Drew

    • Hello Drew. Unfortunately, there are no records, of any kind, other than the history articles contained within the Kallman website. Thanks for your interest in Kallman Home for Children

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