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Dear Arnie.

My name is Stu Cameron and I have to commend you on your Kallman Home website. I came upon it as I was searching the net for Camp Whittaker, Camp Joy and Camp Hope (Lakeside Bible Conference/Childrens’ Bible Fellowship, Carmel, New York) where I was a camper in the late 1950s-early 1960s. I have an affiliation with the Kallman Home, having spent 11 years of my life in a sister- home in Brooklyn- the Baptist Childrens’ Home of Long Island, 2360 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn. I lived there from 1954-1965. I left there to go to Barrington College, Rhode Island from where I graduated in 1969 and became a public school teacher in New Jersey before going into the business and political world.

While at the “Home” I shared similar experiences to those experienced at the Kallman Home, including annual (June) trips to Steeplechase Park, Coney Island by the NYPD Anchor Club and Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey and Jaycee (then called the Jr. Chamber of Commerce) sponsored Christmas Shopping Tours at Macy’s. Gimbel’s and A&S.

In fact, some of the staff of the BCH came from the Kallman Home. Our Executive Director, Lawson C. Hanson and his family worked at the Kallman Home in the 1950s. I believe he was a cook there. They were originally from Fredericton, Canada, where Mr.Hanson was a chef. (Lawson and his wife Luella are both deceased ) I also knew the Colbys. I was unaware that Howard Colby was your Acting Director until I read the Kallman Home history on your website. We all knew him as “Uncle Howard” He was a stamp collector and both he and I used to trade stamps together. When I knew him he was a bank security guard at the executive offices of Chase Bank in Manhattan and had an affiliation with David Rockefeller (Nelson Rockefeller’s brother-Nelson was Governor of New York and eventually Vice President of the United States under President Nixon.)

Uncle Howard sadly succumbed to open heart surgery in the 1960’s and was survived by his wife Mary Colby. She was known to us as Aunt Mary and was the Girls’ House Mother. They also had a married daughter, who was a nurse-whose name I have forgotten. The last time I saw Aunt Mary was while I was in college, as she had come to Rhode Island to visit a cousin who worked at the college.

I also attended the Bay Ridge Baptist Church for a while before the “Home” decided to send us to the Kings Highway Baptist Church and Baptist Church of the Redeemer, which were in closer proximity to the “Home.” After the Hanson’s left the “Home” in the mid-60s the “Home” went through several directors, but found the number of resident children diminishing. The “Home” closed its doors in the 1970s and the property was sold. On its location stands a high rise apartment building (no longer 2360 Ocean Avenue) and the “Home” is but a fleeting memory to those of us who lived there.

I will continue to view your website and will share the information with my sister, who also resided at the Home and knew the Colby’s very well. Keep up the good effort.

All the best,


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  1. I remember Coney Island swimming afternoon trips, Gimbells NYC also the 10$ we got to buy anything
    We wanted,the shopping bags filled with various gifts and candy and a lot of real caring people.
    I remember Camp Joy Carmel NY. Halloween parties and costume events,,we thought we were poor,
    Back then,but children today have no idea ,what we shared back then the good and tough times.
    I became strong because Jesus , my past training helped me As a Leader in the Military. I touched just
    a few of many fond memories I have of many of you here and have passed. God bless you you All.

    Frank Weldon

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