Some More Memories

Tom (Tommy) Mather writes:

I remember you Tina as a fun and kind person. Several times since our intials were the same, the people in the laundry would mix up our articles of clothing and then leave it for the
houseparent in charge to correct their mistake.

One time, while preparing to go to Word of Life Camp, all the clothes
were separated into piles on tables up in the auditorium ready to pack for our stay.
Several of us went in and mixed up the piles until Mr Persko caught us –
then we had to undo what we did.   I think it was Carl, Arnie and me; not sure about Arnie but we were together a lot.

Those day were full of fun, and some serious time such as cleaning stairs and
shinning the marble walls on the Admin. floor.  Many memories flow, but many are similar to our friends at the home.

i remember James Farrel or Bob playing the french horn; what a
beautiful sound that brought to our band.

I fondly remember riding the Caterpillar at Coney Island with my best friend.
She was something in those days and I couldn’t wait till the covering came
over the Caterpillar- and then wowowowowowowowowo.

Well enough for this time – does the heart good to remember. Tom

Arnie’s note:  I remember the Caterpillar Ride too Tom.  Mary Ann Bennett and I rode it once.  I was sweet on her back then.  Met her again in 2010 and she is still a great lady and a good friend.

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