Scenes From the Kallman

Below are some great old photos of the band and other kids from the Home. If you recognize any of the un-named kids, drop me a line with your best guess as to their identity. Also included are some current photos of some of our interested, and not too shy, alumni. Enjoy!

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them)


Scenes From the Kallman — 8 Comments

  1. The pictures are restored Tina. Sorry for the loss earlier but a publishing software update wiped them out so I won’t make that mistake again. Glad you are checking the site from time to time. I so hope that many others of our group will eventually find it. We’ve lost touch with so many good friends and that makes me sad. Take care Tina. May I call you some time?

  2. Arnie-the two pictures of the old guys with the person listed as Fred Sheridan is my Uncle Fred Bair

  3. Arnie, i’m just checking in to see what’s new. I had a good day on Saturday, August 9th, to see Bob Farrell at Star Lake, Salvation Army Camp in Bloomingdale, NJ, and talk of mutual experiences at Kallman Home.

    In a recent conversation with Robert Bjork, he mentioned that he had made contact with Sybil Goldmark, who had pictures from her days at Kallman Home.

    Each year i have had opportunity to see a few alumni from Kallman Home at the Salvation Army Staff Band Concert in the Cathedral in Garden City, NY, on Long Island.

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