Photo Album-old version

Photo Album

Below are some great old photos of the band and other kids from the Home.  If you recognize any of the un-named kids, drop me a line with your best guess as to their identity.  Also included are some current photos of  some of our interested, and not too shy, alumni.  Enjoy!

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OK guys and gals, let’ get ready to march…

Carl Sundquist and mom on a Sunday outing…

Carl Sundquist. Good looking dude eh?

Clarence Hill at center stage. Can youname the others?

Arnold Dahl on Right. Who are his sidekicks and where are they? Could it have been at Atlantic City?

Now there is a good looking laddie, Ed Bock. He’s on the stairs to mom and my apartment on 3rd Avenue and 86th Street.

Arnold, John and Al Dietz at our apartment on 84th and 5th Avenue.

My brother John, 16 years old, and our cat Topper.

Brother John and Charlie and Paul Dietz.

John Dahl (or Daul as we were called in Brooklynese). Pre-phonics I guess.

Who is this dapper dan? Can anyone name him?

Mom and Binnie Bindrum at Knott’s berry Farm in California. Circa 1956 or so.

Mom and Edith Quackenbush at Niagara Falls, NY

Carl Carlson and John DeSantos. Aren’t they handsome. Future officers I think

Mom and her helper. Can anyone remember her name?

Hey mom, is the sun in your eyes or you just camera shy?

Nils Oloffson, Clarence Hill and Mike Bennett. Too young to be smoking guys…

Nils Oloffson. May he rest in peace.

Nils again… Put up your dukes! Clarence Hill in background.

Nils and Martin Lederman.

Having a few guys up for dinner at the Dahl apartment. Carl Sundquist in the foreground.

OK band, remember left foot goes first. I’m the little guy behind the tuba. Never could keep up with the rest of the band; legs too short.

At ease band…

The Dahl Family, circa 1956. Doesn’t John look happy? I’m still the runt.

Just look at these cuties. Can anyone name these girls?

Mom’s laundry helper. Name please…

A handsome Warren Little. Note Fort Hamilton HS in the distance. Boy, did we have some great views from the roof.

Some more cuties. Names anyone? Sure did dress well, especially for Easter.

The home now, as Adelphi Academy…

Mike Bennett and me on the steps of my new apartment after leaving the home in 1958.

Jack Wahlberg and his sister Elsa Wahlberg Smith

Mom Dahl and John

Mom Dahl and Arnold

The old guys, in funny basketball uniforms, with Don Arbitter, the coach. Pretty serious looking bunch, eh?

“The Old Guys” as us young ones called them back then. They got to take out the garbage and we thought that was “cool”

Arnie as a young flight engineer in Spain on an R&R (rest and recuperation)

A1C Arnie Dahl – FE; Capt. John Ruzicka (Nav), and Pilot Capt. Rube Autery who rose to 2 star general (France 1964)

Kids in costumes. Weren’t they adorable?

Ann Groshans and Friend. Pastor Arell in the middle.

Top Left Clockwise: Jimmy Peterson, ?and Mike Bennett; Chaquita Maneely; Arnold Dahl and David Suominen

PS 185 Graduates

Bob (Rambo) Bjork

Bob (Smokin’) Bjork. Looks good in leather!

I think the mattress made the rounds…

Another “Rambo”

Note the great doo and shirt…

Oh, my aching back. Good money though…

You wanna piece of me?

Love those boots Dave…

Now there’s a bunch of tough looking dudes. Don’t mess with them.

Look above for the current Jack Wahlberg.. Then and Now.

Another good looking guy in leather. God Rest his soul.

Quit posing and get to work brother…

Remember Lockwood at the foot of the hill, passing out tissues on the way to PS 185? He would always reply “Oh you wanna tiss me” . Dirty old man…

Looks good. Can anyone name the vehicle?

The “Mob”. What style.

You got that right…

Albert Dearborn.

Bobby Dearborn, Jimmy Reed and Mr. Persiko. Mr. P as we called him. He was the greatest.

A handsome Bobby Dearborn. Man could he beat that bass drum.

Another mattress move by Howie Bown and Charlie Dietz. History anyone?

Bob Farrell and Bobby Dearborn. Perfect six-packs, now I have a KEG>>>

Al Larson and Ted Stromberg?

Al Dietz and others at a reunion.

Al Dietz and others.

Ed Bock, Nils Oloffson, Walter Bock and others.

Edith Quackenbush and her husband Murry Zaner and others.

Emil Pross and others.

Bob Dearborn, Mr. P, Emil Pross etc.

A happy time at Ed Bock’s.

Helen Brugman, Al and Emil Pross and others.

Murray Zaner (Edith Quackenbush’s husband), Tula Beauchamp and Walter Bock.

Nils Oloffson, Ed Bock and others at a reunion. Nils, God Rest His Soul.

Walter Bock and Tula Beauchamp

Kallman Home Supporting Societies.

A Happy Time At Ed Bock’s In Connecticut. Nils, Tula, Edith etc…

Eileen Pross, Inge Bjork Person and Roy Person

Robert Farrell and Salvation Army Major James Farrell

Laurel Dietz with daughters Karin and Kari and their kids. Nice looking famil Charlie, you dun good!

Charlie, daughters Kari and Karin, Laurel and son Mark. Great looking kids Charlie and Laurel

Charlie and Laurel Dietz with granddaughter Taylor and grandson Paul. Proud grandparents for sure.

Brothers Charlie and Al Dietz today. Great guys and Al was a great trumpet player in his day.

Alex Tenentes with his trumpet.

Elsa Wahlberg at 18 years old. Humma, humma…

Don and Greta Lafayette today.

Walter Lindstrom today.

Alice Reed, all grown up and looking good. Where is my buddy Gilbert?

Jeanne Kliarsky Ivaldi visits her original homestead.

Andy Kliarsky and Geraldine Bennett down by the Narrows and Belt Parkway

Andy and Jeanne Kliarsky.

Helen Bock (Whritenour) at the beach…

Jean Bock.

On the left is Pat Fogler at Jubilee Ranch; on the right is Andy Kliarsky at Camp Joy.

Freddie Perez and Harry Godbolt taken in 1962.

Jeanne Kliarsky’s high school graduation photo from Central Commercial H.S.

A tea party for Jeanne Kliarsky and her roomate. Jeanne was living in the Brooklyn Home for Children when she graduated from high school.

Jeanne Kliarsky Ivaldi with her grandaughter Isabel taken in 2009. Her second from her eldest son Mark. Jeanne is a grandma four times over.

Helen and little Eddie Bock at the side stairs of Kallman Home. Not sure of older lady.

circa 1962-63, Jeanne Kliarsky, Sandra Prader and Anita Perez at the side yard…

Jimmy Peterson, Valerie Trinka, Jeanne Kliarsky and Margie Thomas, circa 1960. Other photo is of Jeanne and Margie.

Jimmy Peterson with his family for Christmas. On the right is of Rose Morales teaching Jeanne Kliarsky piano.

circa 1958: left is Linda and Lorraine Heggelund and Geraldine Bennett. Right photo is of Chiquita Maneely and Sandra Prader at front of the home.

Jean Reed’s graduation picture from Central Commercial H.S. where Jeanne Kliarsky and Alice Reed also graduated.

Jeanne and Andy Kliarsky taken in front of what looks like Kallman Home. circa 1960

Jeanne Kliarsky and Andy with their mom while Jeanne was in college in Albany. Teepee picture from ’70’s is of Jeanne’s kids, mom and Andy.

Jeanne Kliarsky’s graduation day outside Carnegie Hall where ceremony took place. Jeanne, Andy and their mother Fay Kliarsky (June 63)

1963: Jeanne Kliarsky in graduation gown in rose garden of the Brooklyn Home for Children where Jeanne spent her final year in high school

Helen Bock with her cat.

Helen and Jean Bock.

Helen Bock and her kitty.

October ’59: Andy and Jeanne Kliarsky and Geraldine Bennett on an outing near the Belt Parkway.

October ’59: Geraldine Bennett and Jeanne Kliarsky on the parkway. Taken by Andy Kliarsky.

Marie Ford, Beverly Werner, Jeanne Kliarsky, Don Arbiter and Harry Godbolt on their way to Niagra Falls as Bible Memorization Contest winners.

Jeanne Kliarsky Ivaldi and her husband Giacomo in NYC during the summer of 2008. Nice looking couple eh? You dun good Jeanne!

Top: Jeanne Kliarsky and Geraldine Bennett. Bottom left: Tina Maneely jumps in. Bottom right: Valerie Trinka and Jeanne.

TL: Margie Thomas; TP: Pat Folger and Jeanne Kliarsky. Bottom: Andy Kliarsky and Freddie Perez.

Left: Geraldine Bennett, Jeanne Kliarsky and Tina Maneely. Right: Pat Folger, Jeanne Kliarsky and Margie Thomas (not really smoking)

Jeanne Kliarsky Ivaldi’s portrait. Lovely indeed… Humma, humma…

An article about Jeanne Kliarsky’s college scholarship award. Jeanne became a darn good teacher. She shook the hand of Mayor Robert Wagner.

On left: Margie Thomas, Anita Perez, Valerie Trinka and Helen Ross. On Right: Pat, Helen, Valerie, Jeanne, Anita, Roz (?) and Margie.

From the top: Roz, Helen Ross, Anita, Jeanne, Pat, Valerie, Margie. circa 1962

circa 1961 and ’62: Valerie Trinka and Jeanne Kliarsky in the playground.

Walter and Eddie Bock


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  1. Lillian Irene Sorenson (1929-1990) and Audrey Sorenson (c1932) are listed in the Kallham Girls Home in the 1940 census. Lillian went on to marry and I believe had two daughters. I am trying to locate information on Audrey. She seems to have disappeared after 1940. email

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