Looking For Lost Friends

Can you help us locate any of the following childhood friends from the home? If so, please contact Arnold (Arnie) Dahl at apdahl@cox.net or through the contact form on this website. This list is bound to grow as others come to mind. 

NOTE:  This is a personal request from the website author because as one gets older, these old friendships take on a new level of importance, although through the years these friends have never been forgotten.

  • Anita Perez
  • Helen Ross – located, in Florida
  • Ernest (Ernie) Netzband – (Located and contacted in Newport, Rhode Island)
  • Gilbert Reed
  • Pastor – Robert (Bob) Nervig – located in Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN
  • Swedish Flag on a Silver Pole with a Stand
  • Harry Godboalt  (Found – living in Greenville, NC)
  • Richard and Robert Wise
  • Harold Haugland
  • Thomas (Tommy) Mather (Located In Riverside, CA)
  • Martin Lederman
  • The Cameron Family – David, Joan, Jean and Heather (Located)
  • Mrs. Carl Carlson (Nee – Marie Ford)
  • Warren Little  (Located in East Norriton, PA)
  • Tony Perez
  • Robert Nelson
  • Jean Kliarsky (Now living in Italy)
  • Alice Reed and Jean Reed
  • Beverly Werner
  • Tommy Rasmussen
  • Ronnie Shossig


Looking For Lost Friends — 57 Comments

    • Hi Tina,

      Ed bock sent me Tony Perez’ address and phone number. He is living on Long Island. I will forward it to you tomorrow and maybe he knows where Anita is. Let’s hope so.


      • Arnie, I have tried to call Tony Perez, but he never answers and there is noway to leave a message because no machine gose on to leave a message onto.

        • Stay at it Tina. Ed Bock finally got him to answer the phone, after many attempts though. It is good for you to care about old friends.

      • Tony Perez might be my uncle on my father’s side. Can you please e-mail me with any information you have of him. Arnie has my e-mail. hHe can give it to you. Thank You AnnMarie Sands.

    • Hi my name is Ralph Sands-I am Helen Ross’s eldest son and happen to live in Bay Ridge, 10 blocks from Kallman Home(Adelphi Academy).My mother is living in Florida with my sister and was living for awhile at the Norwegian Christian home. Today happens to be her birthday and she will be so thrilled to know that people are thinking of her!

      • Hello Ralph,

        I am so happy to know that your mom is alive and well. I along with so many other Kallmanites have wondered about Helen for many years and I know the gang will be thrilled to know this wonderful news. Please let her know that we love her and want her to stay in touch with us via the website and personal email if she uses it. Please give her my personal email address which is apdahl@cox.net and kindly advise me of her email address and contact information such as home or cell number so we can visit and see if she is in touch with any other alumns. Thanks Ralph. I await your reply. Kindest regards, Arnie Dahl, Tulsa, Oklahoma

        • I spoke to mom yesterday and she was so excited.She said the Perez’s were my father’s cousins which I did not know and is Ms Schultz related to me also?She said Schultz was her mother’s maiden name?I just passed on the info from you to my sister (mom is not computer savvy).If there are any messages in the meantime-my email is nansan7@aol.com and I will be sure to get the message to her.

    • Hi Arnie, This Ann Marie Sands (daughter) My brother just told me about this. Mom is so excited. I would like you to e-mail the pictures of all the friends. Could not find it on the website. Please give me as much information about what has gone on. Mom is not computer lit. I will take care of the computer stuff. Please keep in touch with me. We are in Florida I would love to print out the pictures to give to her today. It is her birthday!!! Kindly AnnMarie Sands.

      • Hi Ann Marie,
        I am so glad you kids found the website and that you mom is now in the loop with us former Kallman Kids. Regarding the photos on the website, go to the “History Tab” Then to “Photo Galleries” then to “Scenes From Kallman”. That will get you to all the old photos, and especially of the ones with your mom in them. Let me know at my personal email if you have further questions. apdahl@cox.net I am so thrilled that we’ve finally found your mom and am hopeful that she knows the whereabouts of some other Kallmanites. If Helen is okay with it, also send me her phone information so I can speak with her. That would be such a good thing. God Bless, Arnie

    • merry Christmas and happy new year Tina. some of the people you are trying to find were at the home when I was in resident. you were there also, I remember your brother and Carl and Marie and Arnie hung around together.

      just wanted to wish you to have a great 2018 and all the Lord bless you and your family. Tom [tommy] Mather

  1. Hey Tina, I agree…we need to find Helen and Anita. Maybe this new site will get them to surface. It is so tough to locate someone when we don’t know the state they are living in. But, we will keep on digging my friend.

  2. just wondering if you were the young lady who i was aquianted with at the Home back into 1940s and 1950s?

    • Sorry about delay in reply; had some major surgery. One thing I remember Tina was when our clothes came back from laundry, Mrs Dahl would get our clothes mixed up and Mrs. Colby had to switch with the girls houseparent; our initials were the same TM and TM just a memory. That is all! Tom

  3. Arnie, has anyone located Richard and Arthur Wise? I’ve scoured the net, phone records national and international. Cannot seem to locate. Richard and I were friends for many years after we both left Kallman.

    • I too would like to find the Wise brothers Alex, but at this point we have no leads as to their whereabouts. I sure hope they surface someday.

  4. Greetings. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Kallman Home, and to share with everyone the fact that Donald Lafayette was extremely influential upon my academic, and spiritual development. He is a fine man, and a wonderful testimony of a true righteous individual. Donald Lafayette was inspirational upon me in a variey of ways and to such a degree that my first born child, born in 1988, my daughter is named after his daughter Elise. May God continue to bless Kallman Home.

  5. Arnie, I did get Harold and Sam my brother in touch with each other. They had a lot to share. Thank you for bringing the union together for them. Life hasn’t always been a bed of roses for everyone but when you keep your flowers feed and watered with sunshine the’ll keep blooming. Sorry I missed your call and yes I did leave you the number requested. May God continue to bless you as He has me. Pat/Patricia

  6. Back in the 40’s, when mom, dad & I lived in the Richmond Hill section of Queens, my folks considered adopting a brother & sister named Audrey & Ralph. {I don’t know their last name ]. They decided they couldn’t afford two more children, so the idea failed. Does anyone remember a brother & sister with those names?

  7. Back in the 40’s, my Mom & Dad & I lived in Richmond Hill in Queens. They considered adopting a bother & sister named Ralph & Audrey [last name unknown. I was hoping to get a brother & sister but they decided they couldn’t afford to add 2 more. Anyone reading this know a brother & sister by those names – they would be ~ 80 today.

  8. Hi my name is Christopher Boyle I’m the son of a woman who was a resident at this location from around 1932 until around 1945 or so her name was Irene Zaugg she had many siblings who were also there Marie, Alberta, Rihcard, John, Jackie, &Loretta

    She has recently passed away but I was wondering if anyone had any information concerning what ithe home was like during this time period

    And if anyone knew her or her siblings even better

    Thank you

  9. Shout out to all,and God Bless you All
    Frank Weldon. Iam very humbled seeing years ago.
    Life has been good to me.

  10. Hello! My grandfather, (Frans)Frank Albert Stromberg and his elder brother Arthur Olaf Stromberg were raised in the home beginning around 1917. I don’t have any information on Arthur Olaf other than he passed away sometime in the 1950’s. My grandfather Frank Stromberg passed away in 1997. I’m working on our family geneology and would love to know more about the ‘life and times’ of the Kallman Home.

  11. Heather Cameron was my best friend. Jean and Joan her older sisters. Also Sybil Goldmark. would love to hear from any of them.

  12. I hope this is the right place. I had a friend in the 1960’s who lived in the home on Ocean Avenue and Avenue S, Her name was Donna Hartell I know she had a brother and I believe and older sister there too. Does any one know where she is I think about her all the time. One day she just never came back to school. We went to PS 255 together

    • Hi Anita,

      Kallman Home was in Bay Ridge on 86th Street and Ridge Blvd as noted on the main page of the site. So, I am afraid you have the wrong home in mind.

      Best of luck,
      Web Administrator

  13. Hi Freddy! I was in the home with you and your sister Anita. I have been trying to locate Anita for a long time. If you could help me find her I would be so happy. You can leave me a message here on the home site or email me. I would realy love to hear from her and you!! Thank you so much. Tina

  14. Hello my name when I was in Kallman Home was Linda Waisala. If anyone cares to write to me my e-mail is meandjoem2@hotmail.com
    I have memories of many friends I made during the few years I was in “the Home”. Hope to hear from some of you who remember me.

  15. My very first childhood school friend (PS 185) was Lana Sciattino (not sure of the spelling – sounds like SHATINO) This would be around 1954… I would love to find out if anyone knows her and what happened to her. It just seemed all of a sudden she wasn’t around any more. First friend, first loss of my life.

  16. Hi Freddy Perez my name is Ralph Sands Jr I am looking for Butch Sands I think he is my father I have seen him for over 47 years do you know were he is living .

  17. Hi Tina Maneely Schulyz my name is Ralph Sands Jr son of Helen Ross Sands I will like to know if you know a Butch Sands or a Freddy Perez.I think Butch is my father and Freddy is my cousin.

  18. I am looking for information on my father Ernie Netzband. I am starting to put together a family tree and would love background info on him. I also believe I have a half sister named Nicole . My mother was Beverly Pellegrini they married around 1966

  19. I was at kallman home from 1951 till 1957 Helen sands (ross) is my sister I’m living now in pa since 1980 with family. when reading the list of those passed on remind me how many years have past by since I lost contact with them.

  20. I was in Kallman home from 1950 to 1956, my best friend was Jean Reed, born 6/21/1945. I think of her often, I notice there a reference to a Jean Reed above. Just would like to tell her I remember her and think of her often and hope she has done well in life.

  21. Hello,
    Looking for Helen Bridgman. I did not live in The Kallman Home, I lived diagonally across from Kallman and Helen and I were good friends all during school.
    If someone would pass this message along to her, I would really be most appreciative.

    Carol Yates

  22. my name is Mike Bennett was in the till 1960, with three sisters and a younger brother mr. persico was great guy. A lot of good memories thanks Arnold

    • Hi Mike,

      I’m so glad you checked out the website. Yes, we have lots of great memories from Kallman and of my times with you’ole friend. I miss my chats with Mary Ann. She was a great friend and lady.

      Stay well Mike,

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