Letter from Darlene

Hi Arnie, I spoke with Linda Heggelund recently, and she sent me this photograph taken for a concert program. The year is 1956. It’s in bad shape, but was in even worse, so took it to my photoshop program and removed some of the creases. I think it’s a good find for the Kallman site.  In the back row, Norman Maneely, Linda Heggelund, Valerie Trnka and Bobby Persiko. In the front row, first boy on left I don’t recall, Lana Schettino, next I’m not sure, next is Annette Smarek, and not sure of the last boy. Could you send me Lanas email and also Annettes if you have it. I had them both, but seem to have misplaced them, and wanted to send them a copy of this. Thanks. If you can only post pictures by my sending them regular post office, let me know and I will do that. Thanks and hope all is well by you. Darlene

Some History - an old postcard

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