Jack also wrote:

Jack also wrote: 

Do you remember the Bazaars that the home had?  I remember selling tickets for the raffles and the various games of chance that were part of the fund raising activity.  Do you remember the Basketball Team?  I think we played for Bay Ridge Baptist Church in the Church League.  Once one begins writing about past memories it seems to open up doors for other memories to surface. Hey, here’s another memory I have:  At Christmas time everyone got Hard Candy as a present.  I remember making “Juice!”  We would put the candy in a jar and add water and then put it on the radiator to “cook.”  Then we would have our jar of juice.  — another —  melting crayons on the radiator into a piece of metal or tin cap. 

Editors Note:  Yes, I remember the Bazaars very vividly.  I especially remember doing the punch board for prizes.  One year there was a setup of goldfish bowls on several levels.  I threw a ping pong ball several times and missed every time.  But then, I tried it with my eyes closed and would you believe, I won about ten or twelve fish with their bowls.  Needless to say, I had fish to give a way and that was no small task the next day.  I also remember the trips to Bermuda they gave away each year.  Never won that one.

More thoughts from Jack:

Slowly but surely, as people find out about your good work they will respond and the Website will grow richer with alum’s addresses and contact information.  Thanks for sending on the information from Don Lafayette.
Anecdotes will follow and even though the years have rolled on by, the memories will surface and perhaps friendships will be renewed even if filtered by 50 years of further experiences in life.  Those experiences of childhood were foundational.  We are very fortunate that good people were on the Staff at The Kallman Home for Children.  Their faith formed their character and they passed much of that stability to those of us who were open to their guidance.  Some resisted what was taught but often what was shunned at first hearing became part of the memory from which strength was drawn.
I can second Don’s affirmation that Kallman Home was a good place for me.  My memories continue to live on and I often look back with fondness to those days at Kallman Home.  There I learned to play a musical instrument, had opportunity to learn from caring people, enjoyed friendships with fellow residentials, and enjoyed experioences beyond that which my parents could have offered.
Again, thanks for beginning this good work.
Jack Wahlberg


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