How Our Alumni Have Served

Many of our alumni have spent their adult lives in various forms of service to our country.  Some have continued their Christian education – gained at the home – and gone into full time Christian ministry.  Others have been involved in various social services.  Still others have done their duty to country by serving in our military.  We owe each of them our sincere gratitude for their contribution to freedom for our society.  As a result of their unselfish service, America is still the greatest country in the world to live in.  We must always remember “Freedom is Not Free”.


  • Jack Wahlberg – Minister: Reformed Church in America (Retired); Psychiatric Social Worker (Retired)
  • Charles Olsen – Major, Salvation Army (Retired)
  • James Farrell – Major, Salvation Army (Retired)
  • Al Larson – Pastor & Missionary
  • Ted Stromberg – Pastor
  • Thomas Mather – Pastor
  • Donald Lafayette – Director/MS, Harmony Heights School for Girls; Oyster Bay, LI


Arnold Dahl in Flight Suit Photo.

Arnold Dahl in Flight Suit Photo. Click to enlarge.

  • John Dahl – U.S. Air Force (20 years of Service)
  • Arnold Dahl – U.S. Air Force (1961-1965)
  • Emil Pross – U.S. Air Force
  • Donald Lafayette – U.S. Army (Korean War)
  • John Pross – U.S. Navy
  • Al Dietz – U.S. Army
  • Carl Sundquist  –  U.S. Navy
  • Paul Dietz – U.S. Army
  • Warren Little – U.S. Navy
  • George Olsen, Jr.
  • Jack Wahlberg – U.S. Navy (1956-1960)
  • Robert Bjork – U.S. Navy
  • Walter Angell – U.S. Army (Korean War )
  • Charles Olsen
  • Walter Lindstrom – U.S. Army, Korean War
  • Ed Bock – U.S. Navy

    Letter from Mayor Wagoner to Arnold Dahl's mother.

    Letter from Mayor Wagoner to Arnold Dahl’s mother. Click to enlarge.

  • Nils Oloffsson – U.S. Army
  • Anthony Beauchamp – U.S. Navy
  • Kurt O. Bloom
  • Ralph Combs
  • Norman Fonss
  • Robert Olsen
  • Robert Stromberg
  • Norman Levie – U.S. Army
  • Stanley Randell – U.S. Marines
  • Chris Houghton – U.S. Coast Guard
  • Ralph Ericson
  • Alex Tenentes U.S. Air Force
  • Herbert Gilbert
  • George Nielsen
  • Robert Nielsen
  • Harold Godboalt US Air Force (1966-1970)
  • Norman Maneely – US Army (Vietnam Era)

†Some of our men made “The Supreme Sacrifice” and were        killed in action:

  • Ronald Baker (Korea)
  • Nils Robert Erickson
  • Walter Ericson
  • Clarence Hill (Viet Nam)

Other Noteworthy Accomplishments by our alumni:

  • Alex Tenentes – Graduate of Julliard School of Music (Master of Music) Trumpet.  Principal trumpet with the Boston Pops Orchestra under both Eugene Ormandy and Arthur Fiedler. Later, CFO – University of California @ Santa Barbara
  • Jean Kliarsky (Ivaldi) – Teacher and published author.


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    • Stanley, Good to see your post on the Kallman site. I was talking with Charlie Olsen today and told him about the Kallman website. He did not know anything about it. I got to Kallman in 1946 and am a few years younger than you and Charlie. I was in the band in 1947 and I remember you well. My sister married Roy Person (deceased). My sister was Inga Bjork. You can contact me by my email address If you would like I would get Charlie Olsen to get in touch with you as well. I would like to hear from you and I know Charlie would also. Your Kallman friend, Bob Bjork

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