From Thomas (Tommy) Mather

From Thomas (Tommy) Mather

Pastor, Calvary Deaf Church – Riverside, California

Looking at the pictures from Kallman and your mom caused me to think. I remember Christmas times at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and dinner on the Navy ships; Easter shopping  at Robert Halls for our new duds; summer @ Coney Island and Jones Beach.  We sure were blessed. I remember marching in the band for the first time @ Swedish events when my tuba filled with water; slap ball in the courtyard; stick ball and the neighbors yelling about our climbing the fence to retrieve balls; about Saturday night bakery runs in Don Arbitter’s station wagon; playing chicken on the Belt Parkway; the Fort Hamilton cannon. Wow all stored up for years.  I also remember our moms working there; Bea in the laundry and mine in the nursery for awhile. That’s all for now but oh yes not to forget meeting the girls near the laundry where band instruments were stored. Just remembering.

Later he wrote: (sort of shorthand)

Have you found any more Kallmanites?  We are in a building process here in California.  There are several memories:  my Cousin Dimple as nurse at the home, later my mother became the nurse, I believe she helped you or your brother with your arm unable to remember think you broke it. ( it was me Tommy) the different times at Easter and Christmas time going to different places like navy ships, for dinner, Coney Island, slap ball in the yard, band trying to march, my tuba filled with water while marching for the Swedish parade, Easter weekend going to Robert Hall’s for new outfits, yes and also camp at the Word of LIfe Island two or  three weeks during summers. I guess the staff was glad to have the building for themselves.  our clothes on the tables all had to be marked because some of the initials of the boys and girls clothing were the same and would get mixed up when at camp.  TV room was great in the chapel.  beans for breakfast, lunch, supper, working carrying potatoes and supplies from the storage to the kitchen,  Friday  nite going or Sat nites going to different bakeries for donations, cuz they were closed on Sunday.  our basketball teams boys only –  one player was really good I think it was Robert.  washing the stair, cleaning dishes, fast eating so no one else would take what we had, stick ball, our neighbors thought we were always invading their land because we were chasing our balls hit over the fence. I think i could elaborate on some of these points, and write a book someday. but time does not permit. Robert Farrrel and Marie incident during band practice.  
Well that is all for now. my email has changed give me a few text message to renew friendships.  if you hear from any of the friends have them email, i think this is extended family members.  Tom Mather  

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