From Elsa Wahlberg (Now Smith):

From Elsa Wahlberg (Now Smith):

Vancouver, Washington

I enjoyed the pictures of the home sooooo much. They brought back so many memories.  My brother, Jack Wahlberg, sent me your web site..  i remember we had to stand in line before entering the dining room…Boys on the boys side, girls on the girls side, and then we sang ” Onward Christian Soldiers” as we walked into the Dining room…..My brother and I sat at Robert Farrell’s table, and he made us sing the song “USE AJAX, BOOM BOOM, THE FOAMING CLEANSER, WASH THE DIRT , RIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM “…..  I got my first (forbidden ) kiss , from Robert Farrell.. I was 13 yrs old……My mother, Svea Wahlberg, worked at the home. She worked in the kitchen, and was a housemother for a while……I remember the trips to Coney Island……..running under the sprinklers in the courtyard, going away to camp every summer, but first picking out our summer clothes that were on these long tables in the  downstairs recreation/locker rooms…..Also, going down the hill every morning to cross over the street to PS 185. There was a rather large man at the bottom of the hill who passed out tissues to all of us…….Up on the 3rd floor, there was the “pink room”, the “blue room”, and the “green” room. These were the bedrooms for different aged girls…..The infirmary was on the 4th floor……What memories…..Lookingback, I realized how lucky we were to be in such a wonderful home…There were so many donations, and we were afforded so much more than a lot of kids who were in “normal ” home situations…We got new outfits for Easter, lots of Christmas parties,  sleep away camp every summer… It was a very unique situation….I’m so glad you have a web site. I’ll stay in touch and contribute more memories as I remember them….. Jack Wahlberg still lives in NYC on 57th Street. One of my daughters and her husband live  on 44th street…I live in Vancouver, Washington, but I visit NYC once in a while………….Elsa Wahlberg Smith.

Later on, Elsa wrote that she remembered her Mary Jane – paten leather shoes that all the girls wore.



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  1. Hi Elsa,

    Look at the photo gallery #133. The caption asks if anyone knows these cuties. I am on the far left. Is that you next to me?

    Carol Plaisted

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