Darlene Krowl (aka Chiquita Maneely) writes:

Darlene Krowl (aka Chiquita Maneely) writes:

The Maneely’sOur years in the home were from approximately 1952 until about 1961. Our brother arrived after us as he was too young, and then stayed a year longer. I tend to think of the home as “before” and “after” the Scotts arrived. I remember once when Anita Perez, myself and a couple of other young girls were having a pretend tea party on the front lawn. Mrs. Persiko saw us and went and made some kool-aid and filled our plastic teacups and joined our party. This was so special that I remember it til this day. I believe we may have been one of the first “city cases”, or at least this is what Beverly Werner told me many years later. Her younger sister Maureen and I were inseparable best friends. I think they tried to be so fair that they even treated  their own children with the same rules. If I’m not mistaken I think their sons even lived in the dorms. You guys would know this better than me, but I seem to recall this.  Mr. Colby was a real sweetheart, and I have to agree with Alex Tenentes regarding Mrs. Colby. She could be quite mean. I started out in the “Nursery Room” which only held about six beds. Mrs. Hanson was the housemother and she had two daughters Tanya and Luanna. From there to the Green Room until my sister and I left. (I should say kicked out as Mr. Scott didn’t allow us back after we played hooky and went to visit our mom) He told us we made our bed so go lay in it, and never to set foot on the home property again! I have fond memories of Mrs. Sackela and Mrs. Hinz. That was not an easy job, and they managed to be strict but fair. I personally never cared for Mrs. Bindrum. She had her favorites, and if you weren’t one of them she could be mean. More than once she took something from me to “keep safe” and I never saw it again. One item that I received from a “secret pal” was a Toni doll and she had made several outfits for it. It was the nicest thing I ever had. Binny took it and although she totally intimidated me I asked and asked for it until one day she gave me a totally junk doll and said that is what she put away for me. She also had a bad habit of poking people with her long painted fingernails! She would actually tell us that she used to have all pretty lovely little “blonde haired” girls, and now they were sending “anything”…. I remember being so surprised that there were 3 meals daily, and that everyone had their own bed. We came from a situation where my mother and all three children slept in the same bed!….So many parties in the beginning, and the circus, rodeo, ice capades, steeplechase. We sometimes got out of school early to be able to go…We played hopscotch, jump rope, jacks, also a ball game against the wall where there was a king, queen, and jack spot. I can’t recall the name. Things all seemed to go downhill when the Scotts took over as directors. I played the Eflat horn, and although I was never in the Kallman band as I think it had basically disbanded at that point in time, I did make the All Borough Band, but had to drop out as I didn’t have the change for bus fare and Mr. Scott wouldn’t give it to me.  I could tell so many horror stories, but don’t even like thinking about most of those times. I am grateful that there were some good people who taught us good values….So, some good memories and some not so good, but lots of people and we were basicly in the same boat and we were family. I’m sorry Linda that you didn’t think you were very memorable. I tried over the years to find you many times as we were best friends and you were very memorable to me! (Alex, was sorry to see your post regarding Clarence Hill) I’m glad you ran into him while you were in Nam. I do remember him. ….Darlene Krowl (aka Chiquita Maneely)


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  1. hello Tina

    sorry i do not remember you given name, so i hope i am talking to the right person.

    also i agree with you about the Scotts, they were a different breed of people who enjoyed rejecting kids.

    after i left i tried to stay in touch with many but Mr Scott told me i was not welcome at the home after leaving.

    all went to Fort Hamilton and friendships were strained due to Mr Scott.

    Mr Peseko (sp) was great to the boys reading us stories at bedtime.
    Mr lockwood and his old phonograpy machine played music to put us to sleep at night. requiring all to place their feet into clorox to prevent athletics feet. we must comb our hair before bed.

    well glad to remember with you all about those great days at kallman

    • Hi Tom,

      Tina’s maiden name is Maneely. I am glad to see you are staying in the loop and giving us additional memories to think about. As I recall, you and I and
      Carl Carlson were good buddies at Kallman.

      I wish you a fine weekend Tom,

      • i remember very well Carl, you, Marie (bright red hair) and me always together.
        thanks for reminding many great days at Kallman. Tom

    • Hi I hope you remember me Frank Weldon, I am happy to hear comments about The Scots, he was a
      cruel person,I still remember him till this day. I remember the sneaker well,and the bruises and welts,
      he inflicted on my body. I escaped from this sick person.I tried to visit many and was told I was not
      welcome,Thanks for addressing this matter,My Phone 718-539-9000 God Bless. Frank Weldon

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