And still more (is there no end to Jack’s memory?)

And still more (is there no end to this guy’s memory?)

The pictures on this Website will get more numerous as people dig into their files and boxes hidden away in attics or basements.  It is fun seeing the site evolve.
I think I remember someone raising chickens at Kallman Home.  It came to mind as I looked at the picture of Kallman Home on the Home page.  The side stairs on the boys side of the Home led to a narrow area between the Home and the Fence on 85th Street. I think it was under the directorship of Fred Persiko and I vaguely remember the Dietz boys getting chicks at Easter and then raising them in cages. Memory is not clear but perhaps you recall or perhaps Charlie or Al might have some recollection.
Another memory is the Mulberry Tree along side the driveway in the fenced off play area.  I remember climbing the tree and jumping from one branch to another way up high in the tree.  Of course, time alters details so it may not have been that high but at the time it sure seemed high.
Then there were some who created villages in the dirt and used little cars and trucks in a scenario that their imaginations brought to life.  Faces and names elude me but perhaps someone remembers doing that sort of play.
Well, that’s it for now.  I hope that you are enjoying life!

Oh, wait, I almost forgot:  (yeah right):

It is a truth that if you key in to an area of memory that it triggers even more memories than were first remembered.  I find that is true with writing about family history (a project I am undertaking for my children and their offspring as well as other relatives abroad).  So in light of this another memory has surfaced.
I remember that there were bushes on south side of the Kallman Home building that were some 25 feet or so out onto the lawn and on these bushes were little black seeds that made excellent ammunition for a pea shooter (or is that peashooter?) and we used to collect the little black seeds and use them in confrontations from time to time.  I also remember that those bushes provided shade on a hot day and those cool places were fun places to spend some time with a friend or two while collecting the seeds.
Another memory is that of the “midnight raid” to the kitchen, while avoiding the night watchman.  When the various bakeries donated pastries to Kallman Home we put them in the kitchen and they were reason enough to make us skulk down to the kitchen in the midnight hour and sample the tasty treats.
Oh, some of the closets in the Home were keyed with Skeleton Keys.  A generic key (set of two I believe) was available at Woolworths on 86th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues.  I am not sure what was so valuable in those closets but they was a target for those who had a key.
There were some memories that were extremely juvenile but that is what we were at the time.  The “North Star” who could be viewed from the Church Room east windows was a thrill for many. The very bold at times would go to the roof and peer into the skylight over the girls bath area when the girls were showering and see what they could see.  I never participated in that (that I can recall) but those who did may have found the steam blocked a clear view

You have done a good thing by starting this Website.  It is terrific.


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