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Dear fellow Kallmanites,

Today, I received a message from John, a long time friend of Alex Tenentes, that Alex had a major stroke on Christmas morning.  He is paralyzed on his right side and partially on his left..  He is on a ventilator but today they are going to take him off of it to see if he can breath on his own.  If he can’t do so, they will do a tracheotomy and feeding tube but his family says he would not want that so they will give him pain meds to ease his discomfort.  He may not make it.  This is so sad.

Please pray for Alex and that God’s will be done in his life.  Alex is a strong Christian and he has shared his faith with me often over the past several years.

Thank you my friends.,

Arnie Dahl



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  1. Dear Kallmanites,

    It is with great sadness that I inform you that our fellow Kallman Home friend, Alex Tenentes, passed away at 2:07 AM PST, on New Years Day, 2018. Alex suffered a massive stroke on Christmas Day. We can thank God for his mercy on Alex and that he didn’t suffer too long. Alex was a born again Christian with strong faith and love for The Lord Jesus Christ and I am sure that based on the many scripture promises, Alex is now in heaven and at perfect peace with the Lord..

    Alex was the key reason behind my returning to playing trumpet after a 40 + year hiatus and I am eternally grateful to him for reviving my love for playing again. As a result, I now play at my church in a brass ensemble (Hosanna Brass) – which was my first goal; with our local German Band (Oktoberfest and other venues), and also a great brass jazz band – Spotlight Brass. I owe all that to Alex for remembering me from our Kallman Days and for taking the time and effort to locate me via the Internet and the Home website after so many years of separation. His messages about our reconnecting are contained in the comments section of the website and I re read them from time to time to help me stay inspired and focused. Thanks again Alex.

    Please pray for God’s Peace to surround Alex’s family and friends at this very sad time in their lives. See you soon Alex. Please stay in touch with each other fellow Kallanites; our group is getting smaller with each passing year. And as Bob hope would say “thanks for the memories”

  2. I like to come back to this website from time to time because it was and is all I had And because of the pictures of the home and where my room was and where I slept as a little girl in the pink room and the green room and all of the memories ,that we all can share thank you for all you do and have done Mr. ARNIE Dahl

    • Hello Helen, it’s Carol Yates……OMG!!!!! Have tried to find you over the years. Last contact was when you lived on 3rd. Ave……..if you’re still in Brooklyn, I’m not far and would LOVE TO SEE YOU!!!!!!

    • Hi Helen,
      It’s Carol Yates. I have been trying to locate you for years. Last we spoke you were living on 72nd St & 3rd. Ave., Bklyn.
      I am hoping that you receive this message and reply so that hopefully we can meet up again. I am in New York a couple of months during the summer and we could get together then.

      Hope you are well and earnestly look forward to hearing from you.
      Carol Yaes Heely

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